Evan Shorten, founder and principle of Paragon Financial Partners was quoted in MainStreet.com‘s new article, Retirement Is a Fairy Tale, According to Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers.

Many helping plan those hoped-for retirements aren’t surprised by the pessimism. “I do believe a lot of this is based on a few factors, including one’s psychology of money based on the experiences they have had over the years from childhood to present, the idea of wanting more now in our ever impatient world with a need for instant gratification,” said Evan Shorten, president of Paragon Financial Partners in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Shorten said one of the most important differences he has discovered in talking to both generations is while Baby Boomers seem to live within a set guideline of spending, Gen X-ers are still increasing their lifestyle as their income grows, which may prevent them from saving as much.

“Ultimately, if you go back to the basics and implement a realistic savings and spending plan you can put yourself in a position to live your dream retirement,” Shorten said.

Read the full article at Main Street HERE.

Author: Paragon Financial Partners

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